Yeon Yihwa: When they earliest came across and you will Viole tried to falter the lady together with the almost every other Regulars

Yeon Yihwa: When they earliest came across and you will Viole tried to falter the lady together with the almost every other Regulars

Wangnan and you may Baam will always be towards the a good conditions that have you to several other, continued to simply help both toward Hell Illustrate.

That they had to fairly share an area on the 20th Floors, shaadi far in order to Yihwa’s displeasure. Yihwa thinks Viole is very skeptical however, appears accessible to the indisputable fact that Viole may possibly not be since the crappy as he appears (mostly due to this lady trust one “the guy has no that person of a bad boy”). Most of their antagonism is due to the point that Viole says they have zero need for the woman directly hence Yihwa notices as an insult to what she believes becoming her gorgeous contour, and this Viole can also be prepare much better than their. Yihwa although not heated up in order to Viole and then observes your since the good individual immediately after he protected Miseng from Urek Mazino almost at the cost of his existence. Yihwa appeared to be undoubtedly worried to own Viole and made an effort to nursing assistant your returning to health. Afterwards it’s hinted you to she’s got intimate emotions for your, such whenever she was watching Viole as he interacted along with his dated group and you may indexed you to definitely she had never seen him build a face in that way prior to. Later if this appears like the group you’ll die, the woman immediate consider is one to she does not want to pass away just like the she’d not able to see Viole generate for example a beneficial deal with again.

Adopting the Workshop Battle she begins to doubt this lady standing into the team and will get wary of new strong foes they deal with. Immediately following certain encouragement from Hwa Ryun, she chooses to remain becoming of the Viole’s front. This woman is together with indexed becoming not able to get used to Viole’s physical appearance since the Baam, getting surprised because of the innocent-looking face he previously trailing his bangs.

Despite Wangnan is proven to be alleviated when he hears it caused it to be from the illustrate properly out of Yura

Kang Horyang: Horyang respects Viole to own his strength and you can was first cautious about the brand new yellow exoskeleton Viole possesses, because reminded your of an income Ignition Weapon. He doesn’t apparently think poorly otherwise keep a great grudge against Viole having his actions once they first came across. Prior to he visited discover Cassano, Horyang fought Viole to make your to reveal the power the guy spotted from the exoskeleton because if it was an enthusiastic ignition gun it could imply that Viole’s strength emerged in the compromise off some lifetime. Immediately following Viole revealed their provider Horyang admitted which he never really idea of Viole since the variety of person who might have a living Ignition Weapon anyways and apologized.

Once witnessing Horyang relatively be murdered, Viole gets into an outrage and you can attacks Ran and you will Novick around the assumption which they was their killers. Though their outrage soon transmits to help you FUG immediately following the guy realizes it were accountable for new incident. Upcoming he and Horyang collaborate regarding the “primary class” one to FUG had developed towards the Workshop Race. Just after Viole attempts to refrain FUG the guy trusts Horyang to greatly help your, in addition they challenge their way to avoid it with her, though Horyang turns out comatose in the act.

Since then Viole has been seeking to Casano, whether or not as the a holiday mission to locating Rachel, so you’re able to wake Horyang out of their coma.

After, Viole produces his esteem when he handles Miseng in which he now knows that Viole was an absolutely an excellent person

Hon Akraptor: Akraptor seems to believe Viole to a certain extent. He does not meddle that have Viole’s personal situations and you may will not seem to judge your if you are section of FUG. He or she is the absolute most pragmatic of your own category about the Viole and you can new group’s updates. He and additionally food Viole as a buddy that is prepared to let your immediately following mastering the reason he could be hiking the new Tower.