Universal PreK (UPK)

Universal PreK Classes are run by certified teachers.

Education / Curriculum

In each of our classrooms, the development of cognitive, social and language skills are facilitated through naturalistic activities and opportunities for exploration and play.  Children are exposed to a variety of developmentally appropriate materials and experiences that meet NYS Educational Standards so that they are able to develop their academics in a natural and exciting way.  Child-directed tasks are facilitated by the teachers to promote independent discovery, problem solving skills and the ability to make choices.  It is our aim to provide children with the love and desire to learn and the confidence necessary to try new tasks, both integral preparations for their future of learning ahead of them.

Our Day

Children participate in activities including

Physical Development


Read Aloud

Meeting Time

Center Time


Though children are always learning, a large part of learning occurs during center time.  Centers are where children choose an area and work together with peers furthering development of skills through content-specific play.

They include:

Block Play, Dramatic/Pretend Play, Expressive Art, Math &  Manipulatives, Science / Discovery, Sand & Water, Emergent Literacy (Library, Writing Corner, ABC Toys & Games), Technology & Computer, Trips and Extracurricular Experiences.

Our children participate in a variety of major trips such as the NY Hall of Science,AlleyPondNational Park and the Queens Farm.  In addition, short community trips are often organized relating to classroom activities, including pet stores, pizza shops and the fire station.  The children are provided with in-house experience as well, including The Parrot Show featuring Parrots from across the world as they perform “stunts,” Club Baby singing and dancing, and the Puppetry.  Children also participate in creating their very own performance… in our wonderful Spring Show!

Our program serves as a model for other UPK programs.  We work closely together with our Department of Education UPK specialists to ensure thatJacksonmaintains our high standards of providing quality education for our children.

All children have their own “growing up plan.” However, certain skills are expected at certain times.