SEIT & Related Services

Is your child struggling to keep up with his friends?
Is she having a difficult time being successful in the classroom?
Are you receiving phone calls about his/her behavior in preschool?
Don’t let him fall behind.

During the preschool years, some children soar into the role of student, others struggle. At Jackson Developmental Center – SEIT and Related Services Departments, we understand their struggles, and we can help.

Children who are struggling in their mainstream classrooms may be eligible for a special education teacher (“SEIT”) to come to their school, daycare or home to help them meet specific educational, age appropriate goals. There are many children who are able to be successful in general education classrooms, but something else gets in the way. No one suffers greater frustration than a child who innately knows they should be able to achieve and accomplish the things their classmates do, but just cannot. Whether the obstacles be based on behaviors, poor attention skills, activity levels, language processing deficits, sensory processing deficits, emotional needs, or fine or gross motor delays; a child’s sense of failure within the classroom can be devastating, and, with equal impact, a parent’s sense of loss for what to do to help their child can be as overwhelming. If you know a child who needs extra support, it is important to evaluate him/her now.

SEIT Teachers and Related Service providers can work with children in a variety of locations including the child’s

  • Home
  • Daycare
  • Preschool classroom
  • Location of your choice

SEIT Teachers and Related Service providers work with the child, providing individualized support to address his/her needs, as well as provide strategies and modifications for the teacher / daycare provider.

Every child has the right to a free and appropriate education and the right to be educated with his or her peers in the least restrictive learning environment possible. For preschool children who need some extra help to make that possible, Jackson Developmental Center has dedicated and caring professionals who are committed to helping children soar to their potentials.

Related Services Available for Children

Jackson provides the following services for children, as per his/her IEP mandate:  Related service staff and teachers work together as a team to best meet the needs of each individual child.

Speech and Language

Children who have difficulty understanding when they are spoken to, communicating and speaking, being part of a conversation, or demonstrate as excessively picky eaters – these are just some of the children who can benefit from Speech and Language Therapy.

At JDC/JCS licensed Speech and Language Pathologists/Therapists support these children helping them to improve their expressive language skills such as increasing vocabulary and ability to express wants and needs, and receptive language (understanding) skills such as following directions and answering questions. Therapy may also address articulation, phonology, pragmatics, oral motor, feeding, disorders of swallowing, fluency and voice. Speech and Language Therapy is provided in our fully-equipped Speech Suite.

Our Speech Therapists integrate a variety of techniques and programs including:

  • PROMPT (Prompts for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets)
  • SOS Feeding Groups
  • Alternate Communication Systems/Augmentative Communication Devices
  • PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System)
  • Aided Language Stimulation
  • Chewlery for oral seekers
  • Hanen and Direct Floor Time

Occupational Therapy

Children who have difficulty coloring, cutting, doing puzzles, using small connecting toys, and buttoning their clothes, as well as, difficulty with attention, impulsivity and sensitivity to touch and movement – these are just some of the children who can benefit from Occupational Therapy.  In fact, often children who appear to have behavioral issues, in reality require support in the area of sensory processing.

At JDC/JCS licensed Occupational Therapists support these children; helping them with fine motor, visual perceptual skills, and sensory processing (including attention and impulsivity).

Our OTs integrate a variety of techniques and programs including:

  • Handwriting Without Tears
  • Sensory Diets
  • Therapressure Brushing – Classroom and Home Programs
  • Weighted/Proprioceptive Vests
  • Therapeutic Listening

Physical Therapy

Children who trip and fall, have weak muscles, have coordination and balance difficulties (add -poor posture?) or get tired easily- these are just some of the children who can benefit from Physical Therapy.

At JDC/JCS licensed Physical Therapists support these children; helping them learn to function safely and efficiently in their environment and participate fully in gross motor activities in school.

Our PTs use a variety of techniques and strategies, including

  • Specialized equipment in our state of the art motor gym
  • Neurodevelopmental Techniques
  • Therapeutic Exercise
  • Kinesiotaping
  • Yoga

Play Therapy / Counseling

Children who have a hard time interacting or playing with their peers, demonstrate extreme aggressive or passive behaviors, frustrate easily, have significant difficulty with limits or changes in routines – these are just some of the children who can benefit from Play Therapy/Counseling.

At JDC/JCS licensed Social Workers and School Psychologists support these children helping  them learn about themselves and the people around them through meaningful play, so that they can function appropriately in their environment. Play Therapy is provided in a quiet, nurturing, setting, in the child’s dominant language.

Our Social Workers and School Psychologists integrate a variety of techniques and programs including:

  • Emotionally Responsive Practice
  • Social Skills Training
  • Conflict Resolution Training


Research has shown that help early on significantly reduces the need for special education later on in life.