Our Mission

Where All Children Can Learn! 

JDC / JCS is a preschool committed to servicing a diverse group of children, ranging from typically developing children in our UPK program to children with significant special needs.  At JDC / JCS, staff works together as a team, ensuring that each child’s individual academic, social and behavioral needs are met. It is our firm belief that each child is capable of maximizing his/her full potential both academically and socially as we set high standards and expectations. JDC / JCS prides ourselves in our emotionally responsive practice where children’s self-esteem and social/emotional needs are addressed so that they are confident and ready to maximize learning experiences.

Where Families Are Partners

JDC/JCS recognizes that the family-school connection is a key factoring our children’s development.  What this means is that we encourage families to share information about their child/family, which is respected and celebrated when working with their child.  We establish close contact with families and maintain an open door policy.  In addition, a primary focus is to empower parents in their role as advocates and educators of their children.

Birth to age three are pivotal years in a child’s development. These years encompass momentous growth and learning – more than any other three year span in life.