If you notice markers of incompatibility early, you can choose to walk away from the relationship or create better harmony

If you notice markers of incompatibility early, you can choose to walk away from the relationship or create better harmony

“Are we compatible?” The question plagues many people as they wonder about whether they have a future with their partner or not.

The presence of signs of compatibility does not only mean that you share the same interests. It can also include sharing the same values, knowing how to handle differences, understanding and helping each other when stressed, having the same sexual energy, and feeling safe, among others.

Keep reading along to learn signs that indicate that you are incompatible with your partner and use these to understand your relationship better.

15 signs of incompatibility in relationships

Compatible partners get along and can envision the future together. Their chemistry is marked by how easily their interests, habits, and hobbies align as they move forward.

Nevertheless, not all couples are fortunate to be compatible partners. You are likely wondering, “How compatible are we?” If you want to know the signs you and your partner are incompatible, here are some of them:

1. Unclear future

Imagine what your and your partner’s future looks like, as how you both see it needs to be aligned. One of the signs of incompatibility that isn’t easy to resolve is having different life goals.

When couples have different life goals you can resolve things by meeting each other halfway. You have to make sure that you are both happy when you compromise. If not, one might blame the other, which can cause issues in the relationship.

2. Different intellectual levels

If one partner is a doctorate graduate and the other is a dropout, this can be one of the signs of incompatibility in a relationship. Intellectual differences might be ignored at the start of the relationship, as they enjoy each other’s company and other traits.

But once they pass this phase, they can realize how different they are because of their educational attainment. Nevertheless, this is not one of the ultimate signs that couples are incompatible.

If you think you have intellectual differences, you can make your relationship work by engaging yourself in thoughtful and sensible conversations. You can also try to find similar things that you can enjoy together. Realize the difference and decide on how you feel about it.

3. Love is missing

When you see your partner, does your heartbeat increase? Maybe this was the situation before, but the love might have changed or eroded.

Even though many people think it is one of the obvious signs of incompatibility, they still choose to stay in the relationship. It could be because this relationship has been their comfort zone. Most choose to go through emotional incompatibility rather than making a change.

The problem might exist from the beginning but is noticeable only later. Or you notice it many years later when unhappiness begins to become unbearable and thus can make one feel miserable.

4. More hangouts with friends

Are you and your partner compatible? Your partner might not be interested in the relationship anymore if they prefer to use their energy and time for other people or things.

For a relationship Iamnaughty to work, both should invest time. Trying to resolve issues is an indication that your partner wants to work the relationship out. If not, it is best to let it go.

5. Argue constantly

Arguments are inevitable in all kinds of relationships. Nevertheless, if couples do it all the time, this is not normal and can be one of the signs of incompatibility.

Counseling can help save the relationship if it is too hard to resolve it. You need to keep in mind that It is time to end the relationship if an argument becomes abusive.