I live in hell because after menopause my sexual desire came back like I was a teenager

I live in hell because after menopause my sexual desire came back like I was a teenager

I don’t want to go to hell either but I can’t live thinking about sex all the time if I don’t get rid of it

Before I don’t care,that is when I was still in sin,but now I care because the Bible says obey your parents…am just in confusion

He refuses to “schedule” sex because he fears a lack of intimacy, but I reassure him that just coming together will create that intimacy

But reading people’s comment here helped me alot. I thought I was the only one going through this on Earth

My husband left for another woman and I spent the next 16 years caring for parents. I haven’t found anyone to marry and I shouldn’t have to just so I can have sex. I heard another elderly woman call into a Catholic radio show to ask what do I do with these feelings but received no answer. I’m beginning to think there is no answer. I have tried to do the will of the Lord, begged him to take these desires away but he hasn’t. No amount of trying to think about something else makes a difference. It won’t stop in a week or longer until I get rid of it. Then I feel the hell I’m talking about. All the guilt from people who seem to have overcome this making me feel weak. Seems like my life goes bad after I sin as if I’m being punished for something beyond my control. I don’t think about sex or read anything it just happens. It’s biological. None of what I read helps me.

I’m in my late 40s now and am still waiting for the man I can serve the Lord best with. I find it really hard dealing with my sex drive. It’s sometimes a huge struggle and I have given in to masturbation and also pornography many times. I’m just hoping I won’t have to battle these temptations for the rest of my life. God has instilled this desire for a companion and for physical intimacy in me, but for some reason He has seen fit not to fulfil my desire up till now. But I pray that He will act on my behalf soon!

I am a married woman. 30 yrs old. I never thought I would have this struggle again, but I am once again having to constantly come to the Lord and ask him to help me through my desires. I am simply the one with the higher sex drive, I desire that intimacy daily, whereas my husband is literally ok with never. He is 28??When we do, we can never get to a regular point because he says he feels “depleted”. We are both healthy and in shape, minimal stress with our jobs, we have been beyond blessed. I just don’t get it. Let this be a warning though. The devil is crafty. Before we came to Christ we fornicated and I would say were perfectly matched in our frequency and very fulfilled. I tell you the purpose of marriage is above all else is to make you “holy”, don’t rely on marriage to fix your happiness that can only come from God. Also, is anyone else beyond sick of hearing how this is a male issue? It makes me feel like a freak of nature. Being rejected sexually is quite possibly one of the most hurtful things you can experience because of the nature of vulnerability in such a deep personal need. Another feabie thing I’ve learned is that frequency should be agreed upon before marriage and you work on making that a priority. Sorry if that sounds mechanical, but I have never once had sex with my husband without intimacy. Also, what everyone needs to hear who is battling this struggle is that this is such a worthy fight! No matter what, it is never worth it!