Autism / Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD)

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a disability that ranges in severity and includes diagnosis’ ofvAutism, PDD-NOS and Aspergers.  It occurs in all ethnic and socioeconomic groups.  Each year more and more children are being diagnosed with ASD with current estimations of six out of every 1,000 children.  Jackson Developmental Center is dedicated to providing a comprehensive and quality program to our students with Autism spectrum disorders (ASD).  We provide children with structure, behavioral modification, academic and social growth and love.

Our classroom approach utilizes the TEACCH  Methodology (Treatment and Education of Autistic and related Communication-Handicapped Children). Teacch is a highly structured, visually based program for children who are language and attention delayed and is used to increase independence through the use of individual schedules and work stations.

Just as the severity and character of ASD ranges significantly, so does classroom placement for children with ASD.  While majority of our students with ASD begin in classrooms with fewer children,Jacksonis committed to aiding children in their Least Restrictive Environment.  Based on an individual child’s progress and/or skills, children can be recommended and placed in a variety of settings, including our Integrated classrooms.   In addition, children who are eligible may receive additional SEIT services at home, where a special education teacher works with a child in their home setting.

For families dealing with children who are diagnosed with ASD, Parent Education Groups convene regularly.  Hands on trainings and workshops are offered to help parents bring home programs implemented in the classrooms.  Parent groups also provide an opportunity for families in similar situations to meet, provide each other with mutually valuable information support.

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The rate of human learning and development is most rapid during the preschool years. This is why it is so important that we “Make the Most of the Years that Count!”